Tag Agreement Sdsu

Tag Agreement: What is it and Why is it Important for SDSU Students?

Tag agreement, also known as articulation agreement, is a formal agreement between two educational institutions that outlines the transferability of credits earned by students in one institution to the other. In the context of San Diego State University (SDSU), tag agreement refers to a specific type of articulation agreement with specific California Community Colleges (CCC).

The tag agreement program provides students with a guaranteed transfer admission to SDSU by completing a specific set of coursework and meeting other requirements at their respective CCC. The program offers an excellent opportunity for students who aspire to attend SDSU to plan their academic paths early on and assure them of their future admission to the university.

The program works by providing students with a specific set of course requirements and a minimum GPA that they must have completed to be eligible for admission to SDSU. If they meet these requirements, they can sign a tag agreement with their respective CCC, which guarantees their transfer to SDSU as long as they complete the remaining requirements before the transfer.

SDSU has tag agreements with several community colleges in California, including but not limited to, Cuyamaca College, Grossmont College, Miramar College, Palomar College, and Southwestern College. Each of these agreements has its specific course requirements and eligibility criteria, so it is essential for students to consult with their respective CCC advisors to understand the specific requirements of their program.

There are several benefits to participating in SDSU`s tag agreement program. First and foremost, it offers students a guaranteed admission to SDSU, providing them with a sense of security in their academic plans. Additionally, the program helps students save time and money by allowing them to complete their lower division coursework at a CCC and then transfer to SDSU to complete their upper division coursework.

Moreover, for those who may have initially been rejected from SDSU, the tag agreement program offers a second chance to gain admission to the university. By meeting the requirements of the program, students can prove their academic abilities and demonstrate their commitment to their academic goals, which may increase their chances of admission.

In conclusion, SDSU`s tag agreement program offers students a valuable opportunity to secure their future admission to the university. By completing specific coursework and meeting other requirements at their respective CCCs, students can guarantee their transfer to SDSU and save time and money in the process. Students interested in participating in the program should consult with their CCC advisors to understand the specific course requirements and eligibility criteria for their program.

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